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Install the plug-in “FullSite-Patterner-seo”

The download file for ” FullSite-Patterner-seo ” is ” fullsite-patterner-seo.zip ” for uploading from the WordPress administration screen.

We are preparing to register on the WordPress official theme site, but currently it can be downloaded from the download page of this site and the affiliated online shop.

Free plugin FullSite-Patterner-seo

You can freely download and use the free plug-in ” FullSite-Patterner-seo “.

Paid plugin FullSite-Patterner-seo

Paid plug-in ” FullSite-Patterner-seo ” is available for download.

All download files are zip files.

download file

In addition to the main theme, the following files are provided as download files.

free themespaid theme
theme filefullsite-patterner.zip (Limited version)fullsite-patterner.zip (full version)
Attached pluginfullsite-patterner-seo.zip (Limited version)fullsite-patterner-seo.zip (full version)
sample dataSample site data (usage explanation site) xmlSample site data (usage explanation site) xml
download notification通知Support information such as upgrade URLSupport information such as upgrade URL

Plugin FullSite-Patterner-seo download file

The plugin download file contains the following files:

fullsite-patterer-seo.phpA configuration file that calls the following files in the folder.
shortcode.php, canonical.php, head-tag.php
schema-org.php, ogp.php

This file be able to open with “Tools” – “Plugin File Editor” menu,
you can prevent unnecessary functions from loading the php file, add two slashes (//) at the beginning of the line in this file.
shortcode.phpShortcode setting for displaying breadcrumbs.
breadcrumb.phpPerform processing to display breadcrumbs.
head-tag.phpDetermine the page type and determine which of the following files to load.

meta-tag-frontpage.php, head-tag-single-php,
meta-tag-category.php, head-tag-page.php
head-tag-frontpage.phpFor top page.
meta description, meta keyword, meta canonical. 

For meta description , the following contents specified in “Settings” – “General ” are automatically inserted.
“Site tagline” – “Site name”

Meta keyword automatically inserts “Site name”.
meta canonical automatically inserts the top page URL.
head-tag-single.phpfor individual pages.
meta description, meta keyword, meta canonical.

For meta description , insert the content when you enter the summary on the article posting screen.

If not entered, 
the following contents specified in Settings” – “General” are automatically inserted.
“Article title”-“Site name”

Meta keyword automatically inserts 
“Article title, site name” .

For meta canonical , if you enter it in the custom field on the article posting screen, insert the URL.
If not entered, the individual page URL is automatically inserted.
head-tag-category.phpFor category pages.
meta description, meta keyword, meta canonical.

For meta description , 
“category name” – “site name” is automatically inserted.

Meta keyword automatically inserts 
“category name, site name” .

meta canonical automatically inserts the category page URL.
head-tag-page.phpfor static pages. meta description, meta keyword, meta canonical.

For meta description , 
“page title” – “site name” is automatically inserted.

Meta keyword automatically inserts 
“page title, site name” .

meta canonical automatically inserts a fixed page URL.
canonical.phpDisplay the custom field “caconical” on the article posting screen and save the input content.
ogp.phpDisplay OGP data displayed on SNS etc.

Automatically inserted in the head of the top page and individual article page.
schema-org.phpAutomatically insert 
structured data conforming to schema.org in head .

Breadcrumb structured data is inserted on the following page.
Insert on front page, single article page, archive page, static page.

Q&A structured data is automatically inserted when the category (slug) is set to “qanda”.
The title has been set as “Q” and the article content as “A”.

Structured data of the organization automatically inserts user information on the top page.

Author structured data automatically populates user information on single article pages.
readme.txtread me text.

Obtain the plug-in compressed file ” fullsite-patterner-seo.zip ” from the download page of this site .

How to install the plug-in “FullSite-Patterner-seo”

The plugin has the following installation methods:

How to install by FTP

Access your server using FTP software, and upload the unzipped ” fullfite-patterner-seo.zip ” folder (see table above) directly into the theme directory folder.

Enable “fullsite-patterner-seo.zip ” from the “Appearance” – “Theme” management screen below .

How to install from the WordPress management screen

From the WordPress administration screen, select “Appearance” – “Theme” menu .

Click ” Add New ” at the top of the screen.

Click the “ Upload Plugin ” button on the screen below .

Select ” fullsite-patterner-seo.zip ” from the screen for selecting the file to upload .

After uploading, click the ” Install Now ” button.

The installation will be completed immediately and you can use it immediately by clicking ” Activate “.

No special settings are required to start using the plugin.

However, for breadcrumbs, you need to insert a shortcode that calls the php file where you want it to appear on each page. A block pattern (breadcrumb-with-plugin)
with shortcodes is also available.

Simple text inserts breadcrumbs on every page except the home page. Just place the shortcode block (breadcrumb-with-plugin)
where you want it to appear .