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Specifications and usage of canonical

Meta canonical is mainly for search engines to describe the URL of the page, especially the URL of the page that should be evaluated with priority when there is a risk of duplicate pages, in the head of the page, and to obtain it in a predetermined format. data to convey .

The program that generates and inserts canonical data is the php file below.

canonical.phpDisplay the custom field caconical on the article posting screen and save the input content.

canonical data inserted

The canonical data inserted in the head of the page is a single line starting with meta canonical.

Pages that are particularly likely to become duplicate pages are when there are identical or similar articles between individual article pages and category pages .

Therefore, in “fullSite-Patterner”, a custom field “canonical” is displayed on the posting screen of individual articles, and a form that allows input is prepared.

Normally, you don’t need to be aware of this, as it only needs to be displayed when necessary.

Front-pagemeta canonical automatically inserts the top page URL.
Single-pageIf meta canonical is entered in the custom field on the article posting screen, Insert that URL. If not entered, the individual page URL is automatically inserted
Category-pagemeta canonical automatically inserts the category page URL.
Pagemeta canonical automatically inserts a fixed page URL.

Decide whether to give priority to individual article pages or category pages based on the contents of the content, search keywords, and the degree of completeness of the content.

When you don’t need canonical data

If you do not need canonical data, you can stop some functions of the plug-in “FullSItePatterner-seo”.

However, you need to modify the following php file in the plugin folder “fullsite-patterner-seo” folder from “Tools” – “Plugin File Editor” menu.

fullsite-patterer-seo.phpA configuration file that calls the following files in the folder.
shortcode.php, canonical.php, head-tag.php
schema-org.php, ogp.php
Unnecessary functions do not read php files,
Open this file with “Tools” – “Plugin File Editor”,
Add two slashes (//) at the beginning of the line.

Add two forward slashes (//) to the beginning of the following line in the php file.

//	require_once FORESTCAFE_PATH . 'canonical.php';