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Template replacement for the entire page (select from block patterns)

One of the biggest features of “FullSitePatterner” is that it has a block pattern that can replace the entire page .

Multiple block patterns are provided as template sets (FrontPage,
Single, Index, Page, Search, 404)
 for various site layouts and designs .

By default, the template set is 1 column, with frame, and with background image (1column-frame-backimg) .

This section explains how to replace the entire page with another layout or design.

The above is the operation to replace the default setting of 1 column, with frame, with background image (1column-frame-backimg) to 2 columns, with left sidebar, with frame, without background image (FrontPage-2column-L-frame-noimg). to hold.

From the “Appearance” – “Editor” menu , open the template you want to change.
Here it is the ” front page “.

Click the “List display” icon (three horizontal lines) on the upper left to display the list for easier understanding.

The entire page is a “group” block , and it is locked to prevent movement to prevent display collapse .
But it can be deleted .

Click the three vertical dots to display the menu for operating the block, and there is a “Delete” menu at the bottom .

It is also possible to insert the replacement block pattern after deleting it first .

On the other hand, if you want to put it in the same hierarchy, insert it first and then delete the block before replacement .

Here, we removed the entire page block earlier. Now there is only an
empty paragraph .

To insert a block pattern into an empty paragraph, click the “+” mark on the right side of the paragraph on the main screen.

You can search for the block pattern to be inserted on the screen below, but if you click the ” Show All ” button for the blocks and patterns, the “Block” and “Pattern” menus will be displayed on the left.

Page-wide block patterns, theme-specific headers, footers, and other parts can be found under Patterns .

Patterns are categorized by categories such as “header” and “button”.

The entire page is classified as a template set for each layout and design, so that one template set will be in one category.

Select 2 columns, left sidebar, framed, or no background image ( FrontPage-2column-L-frame-noimg ) from the dropdown menu .

Full page thumbnails are displayed for each page, such as FrontPage, Single, and Index.

Beneath the thumbnail, you’ll see a block pattern label beginning with the page type .
The image above is ” FrontPage-2column-L-frame-noimg “.

In the selected state, it is displayed surrounded by a blue line as shown in the image above.

When clicked, the block pattern will be inserted in the location selected with the “+” button earlier.

Click the “Save” button at the top right of the editor screen to insert the block pattern for the entire page and save the replaced template.

When you display the site and check it, it has been changed to 2 columns, left sidebar, frame, and no background image (FrontPage-2column-L-frame-noimg).

To replace the entire site, do the same for each FrontPage, Single, Index page.