WordPress block theme for full site editing that can replace over 100 site patterns

How to set and use “FullSite-Patterner”

“FullSite-Patterner” is a WordPress theme that is easy to install and completes the same site as the sample site in no time. In addition to being able to replace entire pages by pattern, you can also freely replace headers, footers, menus, and various parts.

Official support site:
English – https://full-site-patterner.com/en
Japanese – https://full-site-patterner.com

Installation of “FullSite-Patterner-plugin” is recommended. A large number of block patterns can be categorized, and “breadcrumb” patterns and shortcodes are also available.

If you use “FullSite-Patterner-seo” together, meta tags, canonical tags, OGP tags, structured data, etc. can be inserted freely or automatically.

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