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Register custom block pattern (Register from Appearance – Widget)

” FullSIte-Ptterner ” allows users to register their own block patterns without using plug-ins .

However, the number of registrations that can be registered is set for each free theme and paid theme .

Block patterns can be registered in the “Appearance” – “Widget” menu.

The user’s original pattern registered in the “My block pattern” category is registered as a set of title and code .

Click the “+” button on the registration screen and insert blocks to create your own pattern.

As shown in the figure below, you can also select the “Custom HTML” block and register it by writing everything in the html tag code.

You can also insert headings, images, paragraphs, tables, post titles, latest posts, latest comments and other blocks as shown below .

Each time you register a user-specific title and user-specific pattern, click the “Update” button at the top right of the screen to save it.

Registered user-specific patterns are saved in the server database as widget data .

When using a registered original pattern, it will be displayed in the “My block pattern” category in “Pattern” on the left side menu and can be selected by inserting a block pattern.