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Shortcode (requires plugin FullSite-Patterner-seo)

Shortcodes can be included in the theme body file, but in WordPress official themes, it is not recommended to include shortcodes and SEO functions in the theme body.

Therefore, it is prepared separately as a plug-in.

“FullSite-Patterner” uses shortcodes for breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are realized by breadcrumb.php of plug-in “FullSite-Patterner-seo” .

We also have a block pattern (breadcrumb-with-plugin) with the following shortcode in advance .

  [myphp file='breadcrumb']    

Shortcode.php of the plug-in “FullSite-Patterner-seo” reads the PHP file with the shortcode .

A short code that is convenient for site management is also set

In shortcode.php , the following shortcodes are also set so that they can be used freely.

short codeSettingsExample of use
homeurlSite top page URLhttps://full-site-patterner.com/en/category
imgurlassets/img directory in theme folderhttps://full-site-patterner.com/en/wp-content/themes/fullsite-patterner /assets/images /image001.jpg
bloginfo_nameSite (blog) name©FullSite-Patterner – WordPress block theme with full site editing All rights reserved.