• “FullSite-Patterner” WordPress official directory registration

    We are pleased to inform you that the WordPress block theme “FullSite-Patterner” has been registered in the official directory.

    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone involved in checking and judging the themes.

    Examination progress up to official directory registration

    Since I applied for registration with “FullSite-Patterner” version 1.0.0 on March 27, 2023, there were many deficiencies at first, and the review was closed on April 6.

    Although we checked with the plug-in “Theme Check”, we did not check with the “Theme Sniffer” pointed out in the review, so there were many errors.

    I fixed the errors one by one, but there was one problem that I couldn’t solve.

    In order for Bootstrap 3.3 to work, it was necessary to ship an older version of J-Query, but it was required to be removed.

    Compatible with Bootstrap 5.0.2

    In order to work without old versions of J-Query, we had to make major modifications to the theme to support the latest Bootstrap 5.

    However, the most affected were the header navigation and theme-specific stylesheets.

    After correcting these issues, I reapplied on April 14th and received a check. I was.

    We also modified the class names described in the stylesheet and added namespaces to the function names, and finally registered it in the official directory with version 1.0.4.

    WordPress Free Theme “FullSite-Patterner 1.0.4” Download

    You can download it for free from the official WordPress directory below.

    Plugin “FullSite-Patterner plugin”

    A plug-in is required to use “FullSite-Patterner” in order to classify the patterns attached to the theme into their own categories.

    If you do not install and activate the plugin, it will take a long time to display the pattern preview and it will be difficult to find.

    The plug-in is distributed free of charge on this site.

    Future development policy (1) Paid theme

    This time, the “FullSite-Patterner” free theme registered in the official directory has been developed in parallel with the development of paid themes that can use many patterns.

    Paid themes will be available for download on this site in the near future after a final check of patterns, etc.

    Future development policy (2) Paid plug-ins

    We have started developing a plug-in that can use the same pattern as the paid theme “FullSite-Patterner” with other themes.

    We prepare the main php file and display tests using some pattern files.

    More detailed information, including the distribution of free themes on this site and future improvements, will be announced on this site.